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Visual Signing Service

At Linguance, we offer Visual Signing translation services to help make media content more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Visual Signing is a specialized type of translation that involves interpreting spoken language and conveying it visually through sign language.

Our team of Visual Signing translators are not only fluent in the target language and sign language, but they also have a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and linguistic variations of the deaf and hard of hearing communities. They work diligently to ensure that the message being conveyed is accurately and clearly represented in the visual format.

We provide Visual Signing services for a variety of media, including television programs, films, online videos, and educational content. Our Visual Signing translations can be displayed in various formats, such as picture-in-picture, split screen, or full screen, depending on the client’s preference and the nature of the content.

At Linguance, we understand the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality Visual Signing services to help bridge the communication gap between the hearing and deaf communities.

Our Visual Signing Services

  • Live Visual Signing
    This service involves a sign language interpreter who translates spoken language into sign language in real-time during live events such as conferences, lectures, and meetings.
  • Video Visual Signing
    This service involves a sign language interpreter who translates pre-recorded audio and video content into sign language. This is commonly used for TV shows, films, and other forms of media.
  • Remote Visual Signing
    This service is similar to Live Visual Signing, but is conducted remotely via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype.
  • On-Site Visual Signing
    This service involves a sign language interpreter who travels to a specific location to provide translation services. This is commonly used for events such as medical appointments, legal consultations, and job interviews.
  • Captioning and Subtitling
    While not technically a Visual Signing service, captioning and subtitling can be an important tool for the deaf and hard of hearing community. We provide high-quality captions and subtitles for a wide range of audio and video content, including films, TV shows, and online videos.

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